Our Mission

Here at Sinless Raw Food Inc. we are committed to sourcing the highest quality gourmet, fair trade, and organic ingredients from around the world.



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Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate is never heated over 110 degrees, retaining more of the vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants compared to normal roasted chocolate.


Amazing! So incredibly good! I've been looking for a sugarless chocolate using stevia (or erythritol) or xylitol that was more than 70% cacao. The one I got is 85% cacao and it is sooooo ooh yummy! I'm so excited!

- Mary Scruggs Hernandez

I eat cacao bc its good for u but don't eat sugar, bc it's not. These are the perfect chocolate for me! I've tried them all- these are THE BEST. God help me they're hard to put down- delicious!!

- Laura Rickman

I tried the mint chocolate bar at the Pasadena farmers market near Los Angeles, these are absolutely incredible. The texture is silky....melts in your mouth, definitely addicting! The flavor is off the charts. By far the best chocolate I've tasted! Can't wait to get a few more next time I'm there!!

- Ashlie Page

I had an issue with the shipment but Sean helped resolve it to my satisfaction. I received the shipment fast with a complimentary 12 bars pack. I now recommend the company. Thank you.

- Nagwa Tadros

Delicious! Just went low carb to get my blood sugar down and the dark chocolate almond is soooo creamy and delicious. And pretty!!!

- Misha Osto

Deeeeeelicious! Smoky hot pepper dark chocolate bar is awesome. And the bar has a smooth creamy texture compared to other dairy free chocolate bars. By far this is my favorite now!

- Paula Asher