The founders of Sinless Raw Foods, Inc. Kathy McGuinn and Adam Konecny met in 2009 on a shared healing journey at the Tree of Life in Patagonia, Arizona. This changed their life path greatly. After working together for a year in helping others in natural health they decided that they would start Sinless in order to share the gifts of health and well being that they had both experienced, to show people from all walks of life that raw, vegan food can be both delicious and healthy. They came to this shared vision after both had a healing crisis that was assisted with natural healing.

Kathy worked in many fields as a registered nurse for over 30 years including pediatrics, oncology, geriatrics and mental health. In 1999, she founded Advantage Home and Community Care with her mother, Margaret McGuinn, and provided at home health care with over 500 employees in Western North Carolina. She is also trained as a healing touch practitioner.  By 2006, after eating a traditional American diet her entire life, Kathy was in poor health. She suffered from debilitating migraine headaches 3-4 times per week, fibromyalgia-like symptoms, and depression. Kathy was placed on a number of prescription medications which only created new symptoms and lead to a further deterioration in her quality of life. Despite her conventional medical training, Kathy sought alternative medicines and alternative lifestyles in order to heal herself. She turned to raw foods, holistic medicine, chiropractic care, and energy healing. After only weeks on a raw food diet, Kathy experienced a dramatic improvement in her health and wellbeing. Her migraines stopped, her pain and soreness disappeared, and she was no longer depressed. Not only did she recover from her ailments, she felt the best she had in her entire life. She was happy, healthy, and free from both disease and medication.

In 2007, Adam Konecny had a sudden Type-1 Diabetic diagnosis caused by a viral reaction from pneumonia. Before that he was trained as an engineer and followed the normal standard American lifestyle and traditional health care. When he was told that there is no cure, he looked into alternative health and changed his life and his perspective of the health industry. Raw food helped reduce Adam’s insulin requirements from 4 shots per day down to 1 even as a Type I diabetic. Since then he’s dedicated himself to helping people understand that there is a better way to help the body heal itself.


Since Adam and Kathy both became raw vegan chefs they have personally seen and assisted in the healing of many people in all walks of life. They have held informational seminars to spread awareness about the wonderful health benefits of the raw food lifestyle and the increase in spiritual awareness. Sinless Raw Food, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to continue to spread the word to help people to heal their body, mind and spirit through education and creating raw, vegan, low glycemic food products. 


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