Q: What makes your chocolate 'Sinless'?

A: Our chocolate is made without sugar, soy, gluten, and milk. We use the highest quality organic ingredients from around the world to create a gourmet, artisan chocolate bar that is both delicious and great for you. We also add stabilized probiotics, raw hemp, raw greens, and açaí powder to create a true superfood. Our chocolate is a labor of love, we want to show people from all walks of life - around the world - that raw chocolate is a wonderful gift from mother earth! 


Q: What makes your chocolate raw? 

A: Most chocolate on the market is roasted, meaning that the cacao beans used to make the chocolate are first roasted, and then ground to make chocolate. Our chocolate is raw, meaning that our cacao is not heated above 115 degrees at any point during our process. Raw chocolate is a true superfood. Chocolate in it’s raw form is a mood enhancer, an aphrodisiac, an appetite suppressant, and provides natural energy from theobromine without the crash of caffeine (which is not activated unless the cacao is roasted). Raw chocolate also has as many antioxidant in a 2 ounce bar as 30 cups of blueberries or spinach. Even though roasted chocolate can have health benefits, raw chocolate is far more beneficial.

Roasting destroys and denatures many of the naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, and flavonoids in raw chocolate, and greatly reduces the ORAC value (please see chart below). We keep our chocolate raw for the health of our friends, our family, our customers, and the world. 


Q: What makes your chocolate vegan? 

A: Our chocolate is vegan because it does not contain animal products of any kind. Conventional chocolate often has milk and other dairy products. We make our chocolate vegan, the way nature intended, so that it can be enjoyed by all! 


Q: How is your chocolate sweetened? 

A: We use an all natural, non-GMO sweetener that causes no digestive upset called erythritol (Please click for more information). 


Q: Where does your raw chocolate come from? 

A: Our fair trade certified chocolate is ethically grown, harvested and shipped from Bali, Indonesia and Peru.


Q: Is it true that I can lose weight while eating this chocolate?

A: Raw chocolate is known as an appetite suppressant. Since our chocolate is sugar free, it does not contribute to spikes in blood sugar that have been connected to increased appetite and weight gain. We have seen many of our friends, family and customers experience substantial weight loss by using our chocolate as part of a plant based, unprocessed foods diet.


Q: I am diabetic, can I still eat Sinless Chocolate?  

A:  YES YOU CAN! Our chocolate is sugar free, and has very little effect on blood sugar. On average, a conventional chocolate bar causes a 200 point spike in blood sugar. Comparatively, our chocolate bar causes a 5 point spike in blood sugar on average. Each person's body chemistry is different and these figures may vary slightly. We have many holistic and allopathic doctors who recommend our chocolate as part of a healing diet.


Q: Why don’t you use agave, dates or honey in your chocolate? 

A: Agave, dates, and honey raise blood sugar levels just like conventional sugar. Our goal is to keep our chocolate as healthy and life giving as possible by avoiding sugar entirely. 


Q: Does Sinless Chocolate contain soy lecithin?  

A: No! We do not use soy lecithin, nor any other form of lecithin in our chocolate. We achieve the smooth, even texture of our chocolate through our proprietary process. 


Q: What makes your chocolate ketogenic?  

A:  Our chocolate is only 1 net carb per serving, and each serving is HALF of the bar! Because we use raw cacao butter, the chocolate contains 14 grams of healthy fats, perfect for anyone following a low carb/high fat lifestyle.


Q: What is ORAC?

A: ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of foods. The more antioxidant-rich foods that you consume on a daily basis, the more protection you get for your cells to help them live longer. In the end, you'll be healthier and more youthful looking. The graph shows that raw chocolate is a anti-oxidant superfood!


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